Medal Presentation – March 2018

Caper Ceilidh Medal Presentation
Park Street Village Hall, St. Albans, AL2 2PX 
Sunday, 1st July 2018

On the 24th March 2018, the dance school held its inaugural exams. It was a tense but very exciting time for all our students, parents and teachers. Over the two days, 30 students took exams and danced more than 80 dances between them! (No mean feat!)
Exams, this year, covered all disciplines of Scottish dancing – Country, highland, national, hornpipe and jig. A sample of all of these will be showcased at our Medal Presentation on 1st July
Many of our younger (and some of our new) dancers took introductory exams this year. We are so excited to announce that every one of them passed with flying colours. Our older, more experienced dancers also achieved incredible results.
Each and every student who took exam should be extremely proud of their personal achievement.
The Caper Ceilidh teachers are looking forward to our medal presentation, to share with you, what your children have been working on over the last 12 months.
This event is for dancers, parents and carers. Please bring dance outfits and shoes. More details to follow.

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